Monday, October 17, 2011

What an inspiration.

I love this man, not only because we have such similar last names but, because he does what he loves and stands for something he believes in.

On October 16, I had the pleasure of meeting David "Rasta" Rastovich (thanks to a little push from a friend) at an amazing event celebrating his TransparantSea Voyage. We also got a sneak preview of his wonderful film Minds in the Water. It was very entertaining and his love for the ocean and it's precious creatures shined through. Dave is truly something.

The party was great and the art there was fantastic (I really wish I would have bid on a piece!). I also realized how much I truly do love the surf culture. Everyone there was so laid back and easy going but also unique with their own personal styles. They either had on the cutest glasses you've ever seen or the best plaids you can buy and I loved every second of it. My favorite moment was when the pro surfer Chris Del Moro started to show off his moves on the dance floor with his lady friend. Adorable.

Dana Point is awesome.

Not to mention we also got to play in a teepee!

Nothing better than to feel like your apart of something.

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