Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wasted time.

50 Ways To Spend Your Time Productively (well... most of them anyway):
Keep discovering who you are: Get engaged in self discovery by knowing your passion, temperaments, skills, abilities, finding out your purpose………
Face Your Fears: Face your fears knowing, it only becomes a problem, when you can’t stand up to the pressures that come your way.
Think: Stop for a moment to think. Think before carrying out any actions. Think before you speak. Think about yourself, friends, family, work….. As Christopher Robin (Winnie The Pooh) would say ‘Think Think Think’.
Develop your skills: Don’t be satisfied with the level of skills, talents and abilities you possess. There is always room for improvement and personal development.
Plan: Give your life some order and structure by planning. It helps to have a routine in certain areas of your life. Plan for your present and the future. It’s not just thinking or planning alone.  You also need to implement your strategies. Take positive actions that would have an impact on your life/future.
Doing something new: This involves you taking risks, being open to challenges, trying out new ideas, stepping carefully away from your comfort zone….
Sharpen Your Brain: Solve some mathematics, crossword puzzles, brain training games etc.
Set Targets: Set realistic targets for your life and strive to attain them.
Pursue Knowledge: You can gain constructive knowledge through several avenues such as the media (newspapers, television, radios…), blogs, books, schools, friends, colleagues etc.
Work on your vices: Work hard in replacing your bad habits, character flaws, negative thoughts, low self esteem etc. with positive ideals.
Stop Talking: At times you need to keep quiet and listen to your thoughts. Try as much as possible to think before talking. Be careful of the things you say, when you say it and how you say it. I am not sure it’s cool being a TALKATIVE.
Start Listening: Spend some time listening to people, understanding how they feel. You can also listen to various inspirational speakers to motivate you for the day.
Use Your Imagination: Have a creative imagination. Imagine a bright and positive future ahead of you.
Energy drainers: Weed off people, activities that drain your energy levels.
Improve your physical appearance: Go for a new look. Get a new hairstyle. Look beautiful or well groomed.
Keep A Diary/Journal: Your dairy could serve as a journal of your thoughts. Cultivate the habit of scribbling your thoughts on paper.
Show Love: Spend time showing love to people. You could be nice, care for them, help the needy, buy gifts/presents………..
Ideas: Come up with useful ideas for yourself, family, blog or business etc.
Difficult Tasks: Develop an interest in resolving difficult tasks.
Domestic chores: Enjoy spring cleaning and doing your own laundry. It can be fun at times.
Start a business: You could start up a small business to gain your independence, fulfil your ambitions, and create an additional source of income.
Get A Job: Go out and search for jobs. Don’t sit at home idle. If you are not happy with your current job, start looking for another.
Work: Work Work Work !!!! There are little/no more opportunities for lazy people. Work at home, on your blog, profession, job etc. Display a high level of excellence in what you do.
Lunch Break: The tip above said work,work, work!!But don’t neglect having a lunch break at work.
Delegate or Outsource: Learn to delegate or outsource certain jobs/responsibilities. It will allow you to focus on other important things and save you so much time.
Avoid Gossip: Being involved or listening to gossip is a big time waster. There are so many other productive things you can do with your time.
Budget Your Finances: Spend some time planning your finances, repaying your loans, credit cards and working towards living a debt free life. It’s essential you have a monthly budget, allocating funds to things that are of high importance.
Go shopping: I am sure the ladies will love this one. There is always a burst of excitement, pride, happiness, an increasing level of confidence, fulfilment associated with shopping and from experience it could raise one’s energy levels because we feel good about it. Warning: Good practice is spending within your means, buying what is necessary and what you can afford.
Spend time with your children: Children need to understand family values, build good character, know that their parents will always love, support and care for them.
Spend time with your spouse: Our spouses need time & attention too. Go for dinner, sight seeing etc. Do things together. This promotes better communication, understanding and builds healthier relationships.
Meditate: Take time to meditate. It refreshes you spiritually and mentally.
Sleep: Sleeping replenishes your strength after various activities in the day. It puts you in the right frame of mind and recharges your batteries.
Relax: Go for a holiday, participate in several leisure activities. Take time out to rest/relax your body, mind, muscles etc. Go for a massage, spa treatment, aromatherapy………..
Exercise: It is important you stay in good shape by exercising as often as you can. Apart from the healthy benefits, you would feel attractive, secure, confident and in shape.
Walk: Take long walks. Spend time alone walking and reflecting your activities.
Eat Healthfully: It is important you eat healthily and have balanced meals each day. Don’t forget your fruits! Eat with moderation and watch what you eat.
Study (Read): Spend time studying, reading and carrying out researches on various subjects. For you to become an authority in any subject, you’ve got to study hard.
Hobby: Start a hobby. It could range from supporting your local football, basketball or baseball team to having pen pals, building….
Get An Academic Qualification: I think it’s important you place a certain value or importance on boosting academic knowledge by going to schools, colleges or the university.
Contribute to the community/society: Serve your community or borough. Volunteer your spare time to do something positive for the community or society. Sponsor various charity organizations.
Cook: Spend time cooking. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s very exciting if you cook with your spouse and before the men start acting too macho for their boots, remember there are good male cooks such as Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay.
Spend Time with Friends: Have fun with your friends. You need friends for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. Friends are there to encourage you, make you laugh, challenge you and admonish you when necessary.
Date: If you are ‘single and searching’ go out on a date. Stop staying at home alone and go out on a date.
Networking: Establish positive networks with people of various fields, backgrounds, professions etc. Carefully join constructive groups on facebook and twitter.
Go On A Facebook/Twitter Strike: It wouldn’t cause any harm abandoning facebook/twitter in a day. Curb your addiction to social media. It’s important to exercise moderation in what you do.
Switch off the television/computer/mobile phone: Yes, switch them off (when necessary)!  We are so engrossed in them. Switch off (silent) your phones, in order to get a goodnights sleep, shut down your computer, and turn off the television because they could be a source of distraction.

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