Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A fast weekend in SLO.

Life is too short. We need to take life into our own hands and make something special of it.

My family's wild and tacky weekend trip to visit Great Grandma Ginny in San Luis Obispo was pretty wonderful. We stayed at the Madonna Inn. They are quite known for their unique rooms... my parents were in American Home. My aunt stayed in Safari. And I was stuck with my brothers in, what I referred to as, the man cave. It's actually called Jungle Rock but I think you can figure out why I called it that...

We even had a pet frog in our bathroom. We named him Bartholomew!

We visited the beach and saw the house my mom used to stay at with my great-grandparents every summer for 10 years.

Little girls were throwing a tea party in this sweet beach hut!!
surfer action.

Such a great tree.
Another beach we visited...


And then we went to see the Elephant Seals.

He became our friend.
cutest little face.
i like this boys style.

Dinner at the Madonna Inn steakhouse, Gold Rush. Oh, boy.

The next day started off great.

Breakfast Sundae 

A biker gang walks in as we are eating breakfast. My cousin, Kylie, pauses, turns to me, and then says, "Wait, is that not Aunt Karen?" Hhaha too funny. We couldn't believe some of our family from Fresno happened to be there... and with the biker gang.

 We visited Hearst Castle!!

Brennan after about five minutes...

We enjoyed the castle and then took a stroll down the boardwalk. We had a great time.

When our trip first began I was thinking something along the lines of "fly me away from here" but then realized that wasn't the solution I was really looking for. We create our own happiness; in that, how we take in every situation is eventually what will determine our own perceived notions of the quality of life we have led. Before, I never saw much of a point in blogs - they were just a means for people to talk about themselves and some sort of commentary or journal on display for the whole Internet to see. Since having started blogging for memories sake - I can appreciate the heightened sense of meaning it brings to people's lives. It has helped me to find importance in everything I do because something might end up being something worth blogging about. It allows me to pursue new and creative outlets with purpose and look at life from a new perspective. I pull from and feed off the excitement of friends and our discoveries. This spark is something I definitely needed. So, I guess... I wanted to say thank you to Mr. Blog himself, for inspiring people to be creative and blog about their lives or hopefully, more often, something greater than themselves.

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